KING-063 Day One Through Forever cover

KING-063 Day One Through Forever

Delicate and minimalist compositions fusing rock instrumentation with 70s and 80s influences.

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    1. Water Add Beats


    GOODING; New age atmospheric tune with mallets and oceanic synths. Breakbeat drums in the round out the instrumental in the back-half.

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    2. Bon Temps


    GOODING; Acoustic rock instrumental with a down-home twang blues sound.

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    3. Cathedrals


    GOODING; Gorgeous montage of guitars, piano, live drums and bass swell with emotional resonance and a pulsing world beat groove.

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    4. Two Masters One Muse


    GOODING; Huge drums, grand piano and guitar take the listener on a multidimensional widescreen journey.

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    5. Grid One


    GOODING; Techy and somber instrumental featuring acoustic guitars and chiming breakbeats.

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    6. Hit the Decks


    GOODING; 1980s corporate synth pop meets modern sensibilities. Mixed with soaring guitars and electronic drum loops.

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    7. Oklahoma State Line


    GOODING; Acoustic instrumental featuring flamenco footsteps and tinges of jazz.

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    8. Delicate


    GOODING; Airy minimalist blues space instrumental with programmed trigger drums and sentimental piano melodies.

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    9. Biteback


    GOODING; Perfectly crafted groove swings, ducks and dives until you are bobbing your head and believing.

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    10. 6/8


    GOODING; Medium tempo vibraphone led 70s freeform jazz funk featuring live drums.

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    11. The Big Beast


    GOODING; Dreamy funk breakbeat instrumental featuring anthemic mid-tempo acoustic groove and 70s soul strings.