KING-068 Green Eggs and Glam 80's R&B cover

KING-068 Green Eggs and Glam 80's R&B

C’mon! Who didn’t want to wear paisley, purple and lace in the 80s? Pencil thin moustaches? Anyone? Hello?

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    1. Unless You Get With Me


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Romantic and sensitive 80s R&B ballad with driving snare hit and funky breakdowns.

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    2. Love Still Remains


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Funky and foreboding 80s R&B, features jazzy piano and slap bass.

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    3. All I Want Is You


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Intimate and romantic 80s vibes pervade throughout, with slap bass, piano, and synth strings.

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    4. Time and Time Again


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Tension builds throughout, with 80s synth strings leading the way, complimented by high-in-the-mix drums.

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    5. Blind Side


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Playful bass line grooves its way through this 80s pop R&B jam, featuring a mix of moody minor key strings.

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    6. Forever More


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Upbeat and hopeful 80s R&B funk, featuring energetic guitar solos and a fun bass-line.

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    7. Any Other Fool


    STEVEN MICHAELS; 80s R&B pop featuring mournful piano stabs and synth pads, interrupted by glitchy breakdowns.

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    8. Under Fire


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Bright 80s R&B dance pop featuring driving snare drum that pierce through eerie synth pads and chimes.

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    9. Since You Been Gone


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Ominous synth pads create textured 80s R&B pop, while chimes take the lead melody line.

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    10. Lucid Dreams