KING-074 Reality TV Series: Underscore Rock cover

KING-074 Reality TV Series: Underscore Rock

Uptempo rock tracks chock-full of guitar hooks and driving melodies.

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    1. A Brand New Day


    MIKE G; Pop-punk guitar riff shifts between sparse and romantic to loud and bombastic

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    2. Disconnected


    MIKE G; Aggressive and melodic, distorted guitar hooks and emphatic percussion with constantly changing dynamics.

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    3. Get Up and Get Goin


    MIKE G; Driven by catchy guitar riffs, shifts between sparse pop-punk and edgy alt.-rock.

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    4. Hey Love


    MIKE G; Down tempo acoustic rhythm guitar with sweet and melodic electric lead.

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    5. I Can See Forever


    MIKE G; Chugging distorted guitars meld nicely with piano hooks and crashing cymbals.

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    6. Lift Me Up


    MIKE G; Guitar hooks, synth textures and beautiful piano melody intertwine to emotional effect.

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    7. New Beginnings


    MIKE G; Chiming guitars and piano build towards emotional finish.

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    8. Powerful Words


    MIKE G; Aggressive distorted guitars, crashing cymbals, and guitar hooks abound.

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    9. We Come From Stars


    MIKE G; Shifts between bombastic and anthemic to sparse and romantic, features chugging guitars and hooky leady guitar.