KING-080 Street Scene Urban Rock cover

KING-080 Street Scene Urban Rock

Genres collide as elements of rock, hip-hop and jazz combine in unique and new ways.

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    1. The Boyz


    GOODING; Breakbeat grooves and a looped sample of “the boys”, with psychadelic guitar elements interlaced throughout.

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    2. 6.6


    GOODING; Reverb laden rhythm guitar, with effects-laden lead guitar soaring across it.

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    3. Crash the Ride


    GOODING; A snare shuffle leads the way as gentle synths and clavs hover in and out.

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    4. Division Station


    GOODING; Bluesy slide-guitar riffs over pulsing tribal percussion.

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    5. Goldenboy


    GOODING; A steady rock beat lays the foundation for edgy alt. rock riffs.

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    6. Move Shut Up


    GOODING; An acoustic slide guitar plays southern riffs, over a breakbeat and a funky bass line.

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    7. Nightly Cigarette


    GOODING; Jazzy guitar riffs develop into a funky groove with a nimble walking bass line.

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    8. Selinsky


    GOODING; Foredboding urban beat develops into high-tension rock guitar solos and string stabs.

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    9. Sunday Morning


    GOODING; Rock percussion and guitar build into uplifting orchestrated pop rock.