KING-100 Of Fallen Trees and Prairies cover

KING-100 Of Fallen Trees and Prairies

Hauntingly beautiful acoustic americana/folk revival music featuring Grammy-Winner Charlie Bisharat on violin, female sung “ooh’s”, banjo, and mandolin.

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    1. All Of Us

    Rollicking and sentimental tune evokes scenes of frontier days.
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    2. The New Country


    Beautiful violin performances anchors an acoustic guitar song that tugs at the heartstrings.

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    3. Mustang Ridge

    Ominous western tune with acoustic guitar, mild percussion, female “ooh’s” and fiddle.
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    4. Spirit


    Midbeat tune with energetic percussion loop, southern guitar, female “ooh’s” and fiddle.

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    5. Survivors


    Introspective number evoking life on the prarie. Soft almost somber acoustic guitar and violin.

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    6. The Late War

    Downbeat acoustic song with shaker and guitar, opinionated beatloop,Female vocals and a violin.
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    7. Naming The Future

    Beautiful arpeggiated acoustic guitar and violin create a sentimental and nostalgic number.
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    8. Outlaw Alley

    Badlands Outlaw ditty with badass acoustic guitar riffs and fiddle performance. Sung female “ooh’s”.
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    9. Kindness

    Laid back tune makes one want to sip a beer on the porch and reflect on the days on the road.
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    10. Canyonlands

    Acoustic guitar and shaker play back-up to violin and beautiful female “ooh’s”.