KING-106 Through the Flames Vol. 3 cover

KING-106 Through the Flames Vol. 3

Relentless guitars and punshing drums create an aggressive landscape that never lets up.

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    1. Colonel Crunch


    MIKE G; Authoratative snare hits are the pulse of this crunching aggro-guitar anthem.

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    2. Grace Kill Me


    MIKE G; Crunching rhythm guitar pulses throughout, with crashing cymbals taking over the chorus.

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    3. The Fallen


    MIKE G; Aggression is at the forefront here, with unforgiving guitar crunch and massive cymbal crashes.

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    4. Silence Equals Violence


    MIKE G; A tense and aggressive guitar riff repeats throughout with punishing drum bridge.

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    5. The Pest


    MIKE G; Heavy riffs trade back and forth, with bashing drums accompanying.

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    6. Tomorrow's Mistake


    MIKE G; Mournful minor chord riffs let a touch of sadness into an otherwise aggressive rhythm guitar.

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    7. Doom Cloud


    MIKE G; An impending sense of dread courses throughout a steady and chugging guitar rhythm.

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    8. The Off Switch


    MIKE G; Brutal crunching guitar shifts gears midway through, accompanied by thunderous drums.

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    9. Hyperactive


    MIKE G; Supercharged guitar riffs blast through at a fast pace.

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    10. Master of the Dark Arts


    MIKE G; A sneaky catchy guitar riff blows out to a large crunching sound at the chorus.

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    11. Death's Cliff


    MIKE G; Imposing and foreboding guitars tower above, as cymbals come crashing down.

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    12. Omen


    MIKE G; Guitars and cymbals smash unrelentingly, until a drum break provides some much needed space.