KING-110 Drums for Daisy Vol. 3 cover

KING-110 Drums for Daisy Vol. 3

An exercise in the power of rhythm, multiple drumming styles are employed ranging from marching band snares to bongos and tablas.

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    1. Midnight Girl


    GOODING; Marching band style drumming creates building tension, parts are added and subtracted to create a sense of motion.

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    2. Daisy Chain


    GOODING; Pulsing, tense synth-bass line is paired with taut martial-style drumming featuring bongos and tambourine.

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    3. Drum Heller


    GOODING; Snappy snare drum rim hits and booming kick drum accompany a sinister synth line that pulses and pans across the sonic palette.

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    4. King Of The House


    GOODING; Sassy, swinging style drums walk the line between marching band and New Orleans jazz.

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    5. Belford On the Court


    GOODING; Frantic and nimble bongo beat punctuated by snare hits and booming kick drum.

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    6. Onward Upward


    GOODING; Aggressive snare drum is paired with ominous synth beds and subtle-yet-mean guitar riffs.

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    7. Sugarbug


    GOODING; Quirky, rhythmic bells and found object rhythm paired with a traditional rock kit.

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    8. The Blue Streak


    GOODING; Marching band percussion builds in tension and scope, with drum rolls and punctuating snare hits.

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    9. The Senator


    GOODING; Eerie synths float through fast paced snare drum work.

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    10. The Senator--ALT.1


    GOODING;Fast paced snare and rim work, with thumping kick drum and tambourine for flare.