KING-118 Retro Punk cover

KING-118 Retro Punk

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    1. Dischord


    MIKE G; Distorted electric guitars play aggressive but simple chord progressions with a steady beat and crashing cymbals. Heavy, sneering, punk.

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    2. Fight the Power


    MIKE G; Simple guitar riff barrels straight ahead through fun classic rock drum flourishes. Fast-paced, aggressive, fun.

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    3. Out of the Way


    MIKE G; Crashing cymbals and a chugging distorted guitar riff create an upbeat and aggressive tone. Taut, driving, energetic.

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    4. Payback is a Blonde


    MIKE G; Raw guitar riffs pulse with energy as a rock drum kit crashes along. Powerful, intense, fun.

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    5. Last Night's Fight


    MIKE G; A sneering punk riff, leads the way as cymbals and a cowbell crash away. Simple, intense, dynamic.

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    6. Anarchy in the USA


    MIKE G; Distorted guitars careen through punk riffs, with a simple rock beat keeping time. Taut, fast, exhilirating.

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    7. Deliverance


    MIKE G; Pulsing, pounding, distorted guitar speeds ahead as crashing cymbals and handclaps join in.

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    8. Punky Monkey


    MIKE G; Bratty, propulsive punk riffs with snare heavy rock kit accompanying. Fast, brash, exciting.

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    9. Push back


    MIKE G; Excellent punk drumming displayed amdist chugging distorted electric guitars. Brazen, uptempo, electric.

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    10. Jello Shots


    MIKE G; Frantic scuzzy guitars churnout punk riffs, while a simple rock kit keeps up. Active, restless, lively.

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    11. Who Are You


    MIKE G; Simple chord structure with distorted guitars and active rock kit. Straightforward, classic, dense.

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    12. Serial Anarchist


    MIKE G; Distorted guitars play chord progressions verging on pop punk, with active rock drum kit keeping time. Fun, catchy, energetic.