KING-132 In the Arena Sports Rock cover

KING-132 In the Arena Sports Rock

Aggressive rocking guitars push the envelope while layered on top of heavy bad to the bone drum grooves. Features electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and fx.

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    1. Hallelujah Peppers


    GOODING; A fast-paced rock tempo jam that will get you up and moving around.

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    2. Big Foot


    GOODING; A mid tempo tasty drum groove knocks down the walls and makes way for slanky guitar riffs.

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    3. Hold Tight


    GOODING; A mid tempo track that sounds like a classic rock favorite of the fans.

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    4. Sladek Says Forward


    GOODING; A flowing and winding bass line kicks off this bad to the bone groove layered with drum samples.

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    5. Talisman


    GOODING; A classic grooving dirty rock track at the core here complete with some screaming lead guitar riffs.

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    6. The Butcher's Ball


    GOODING; Ominous dirty and filthy synth lines go hand in hand with distorted drum grooves and some heavy electric guitars.

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    7. Bigger Days


    GOODING; Fast up tempo delayed guitar lines adorn a simplistic classic rock drum beat to boot.

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    8. Blinky


    GOODING; Filthy bass guitar lines open up into an effected down tempo electric guitar playland.

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    9. Shake Like A Quake


    GOODING; Tremolo guitar fx and side stick snares married to a deep bass line set up this pensive down tempo rock groove.

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    10. The Discipline


    GOODING; Synth lines, guitar, drums and bass make up this nice mid tempo rock jam.