KING-136 Ethereal Electro Tension cover

KING-136 Ethereal Electro Tension

Both orchestral and ethereal, this album has twinges of electronic futurism mixed in alongside piano and stings, filling each track with beautiful arrangements and soundscapes.

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    1. Strangers Again


    ROSS GENTRY; Starts off with glockenspiels followed by smooth synths and pads giving it a neo 80’s feel that opens up into an ambient breakdown.

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    2. Endless Remains


    ROSS GENTRY; This song opens up with a simple acoustic guitar that’s joined by a subdued piano surrounded by synth pads, brass and a warm electronic beat.

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    3. New Places


    ROSS GENTRY; Glockenspiel hovers over a bed of haunting reverse stingers and synth pads that are pushed forward by a constant beat and bass line.

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    4. Out Brigade


    ROSS GENTRY; Funky dark stand-up bass, shakers and metallic percussion are backed by slow moving strings and soft ambient pads with a piano coming out of the depths of the breakdown midway through.

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    5. Another Hunter


    ROSS GENTRY; Slow and somber piano with a string ensemble joining in as the song crescendos into a beautiful, hopeful outro.

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    6. Right This Way


    ROSS GENTRY; Piano, glockenspiel, and synth arpeggiators lay the groundwork for this song with an electronic beat that follows suit bringing a giant soundscape all together.

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    7. Centre


    ROSS GENTRY; Glockenspiel, arpeggiated synths and swirling soundscapes back a very minimal but constant beat and bass.

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    8. Shedding


    ROSS GENTRY; Marimba and arpeggiated synths burst through a bed of synth pads followed by a minimalistic electronic beat.

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    9. Asterisk


    ROSS GENTRY; Very emotional piano and strings build up softly into a full movement halfway through and ends with a sting outro.

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    10. Supporting Pieces


    ROSS GENTRY; Beautiful piano accompanied by an electronic beat, futuristic synth pads, strings and a glockenspiel lead line.