KING-157 Soulful Underground cover

KING-157 Soulful Underground

Soulful underground R&B jams perfect for an urban setting.

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    1. Love You


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; Beautiful rhodes piano, female vocals about love and lush synth pads are what this tastey track is all about.

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    2. Good News


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; A gorgeous downtempo Neo Soul track. Features synth bass, rhodes piano, drums and more

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    3. In the Clouds


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; A nice slow dragging urban jam with dirty synth subbass, synths and a live drumkit.

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    4. Paper to Pen


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; A midtempo urban track with a live drumkit, sparkling synths and extra percussion.

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    5. DGIT


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; Busily-paced piano rolls on top of dirty synth bass, muted saxophone licks, synth pads and a simple drum groove.

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    6. IVL


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; A midtempo groove that comes in and out and is layered by snaps, filtered synth pads and other synth brass textures.

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    7. After


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; Dirty synth bass lines, arpeggiated synth sounds and a heavy lumbering drum beat make this track unique.

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    8. Interlude


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; Dirty bass lines that slink with portamento on top of off kiltered percussive sounds and a reverb laden electric piano sounds.

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    9. I Could Die Out Here


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; Midtempo pulsing basslines, 80’s style retro synths, perussion and other synth sounds.

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    10. Letter


    EFAJEMUE ETOROMA JR.; Bold piano, pusling percussion, synth bass and synth pads comprise this unique number