KING-027 After Midnight cover

KING-027 After Midnight


Modern and full-bodied songs feature gorgeous minimalist guitar and piano with an electro underscore laid over a bed of hip urban beats and loops.

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    1. This Unstable Environment


    GOODING; Stark, funky electro vibe with live guitars, tech bursts and a catchy melody, supported by murky and foreboding male vocals.

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    2. Drums and Tarantula


    GOODING; A persistent R&B rhythm sits nicely under dark synths and bass, with eerie male vocals as well.

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    3. Fixed Stars


    GOODING; Layers of synth, bells, bass and kick drum build over otherworldly male/female vocals.

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    4. For Love


    GOODING; Funky, sweeping and climatic, guitar stabs and riffs abound, layered over steady break beats.

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    5. Forgiveness


    GOODING; Rumbling, dirty bass lines lay the groundwork for this ominous tune that features haunting male vocals.

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    6. Ghostface (Let's Ride)


    GOODING; Sexy, stark synth textures with piano and percussion flourishes and machine-like male vocals.

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    7. Love Clears the Way


    GOODING; Urban beat loops and dark synth strings meet emotional but simple male vocals.

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    8. Mob Mentality


    GOODING; Stutter step hip-hop beats and Spanish style guitar pair with solemn male vocals and simple lyrics.

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    9. Riley's Room


    GOODING; Southern guitar riffs layered over edgy techno synths and eerie electronic vocals.

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    10. To Kiss To Kill


    GOODING; traditional hip-hop beat with piano and guitar on top, also features haunting and melodic male vocals.