KING-222 Ambient And Beautiful Infinite Constellations cover

KING-222 Ambient And Beautiful Infinite Constellations


An ambient, beautiful, provocative, spacious and eclectic collections of tracks filled with synths, drums, guitar and much more.

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    1. Balloons and Black Stars


    Bubbling arpeggiated synths, guitar, pads and more comprise this breathtaking track and take you on a journey.

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    2. Ceres


    Ambient, reversed guitar fx, synths, dirty bass, pads and more are what this mysterious track is made from.

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    3. Demon Pipes


    A darker, ethereal track filled with eerie synth pads, fx and distorted horns.

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    4. Fire Jumping The World


    Bubbling bass, reversed fx, delay, ethereal synth pads and much more

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    5. Grids


    Chimy electric guitar, synth pads and more take you on a journey through the cosmos.

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    6. Hugging The Dark


    Lush synth pads and chimey electric guitars are the background playing throughout this journey to nirvana.

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    7. Orion


    Mysterious, ambient, haunting, and thought provoking describe this lush ambient track.

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    8. Polaris


    Dirty hits, drums, bubbling arpeggiated synths, ethereal pads, electric guitar, piano and more propel this mysterious track along.

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    9. Sunfire


    Ambient and spacious pads, reversed fx, bold, dark synths and more.

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    10. Telescope


    A very simple and sparse, mysterious ambient track comprised of synths and more.