KING-223 The Nashville Sessions Vol. 2 cover

KING-223 The Nashville Sessions Vol. 2

Scott Roush

From the heart of Music City comes The Nashville Sessions Volume 2. Well-crafted, authentic, country music featuring drums, electric guitar, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, bass and much more.

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    1. Country Proud


    Great authentic country music featuring staccato plucked electric guitar, drums, bass and more.

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    2. Moonlight Run


    An up-tempo country snare shuffle with acoustic guitar, bass and electric guitar.

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    3. Highway Outlaws


    A feisty, midtempo country track about Highway Outlaws. Features acoustic guitar, bass, drums, pedal steel and more.

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    4. Good Old Country Boys


    A rowdy, midtempo country music track featuring pedal steel, bass, drums, guitar and more.

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    5. Fast Cars and Motorcycles


    Up-tempo, briskly paced dirty electric guitar riffs, pedal steel, drums, bass and more sets the pace for this raucous track.

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    6. Shuffle On The Ranch


    A midtmepo, shuffle paced country track about life on the ranch. Features guitar, bass, drums and more.

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    7. Dusty Boots and Country Roots


    Good Ol’ downhome country with electric guitar, bass, drums and more.

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    8. The Junkyard Truckstop


    A southern, country, bluesy riff, with drums, shakers, guitar, percussion, bass and more.

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    9. Peaceful Resolution


    A more somber, laid back and spacious track that makes you feel like you’re living on the plains in summer time.

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    10. Southern States Rock


    A classic country feel with a little bit of southern roots rock. Featuring drums, bass, guitar and more.

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    11. Backwoods Swamp


    A backwoods swamp feel is created through the use of staccato electric guitar riffs, bass, drums and more.

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    12. Laid Back Country Cowboy


    A real laidback classic country-feeling track that will help you unwind from a tough day on the ranch.