KING-055 Last Call cover

KING-055 Last Call


These relaxed tunes are rich with atmosphere and emotional intention. Pairing state-of-the-art electronic compositional elements with unsurpassed performances, this collection is perfect for somber moments in film, TV, trailers, and video games.

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    1. Station 6


    Synth harp and paul simon clean guitars alternate of beat loops in 4/4 and 6/4. Prog rock ending with beat loops instead of live drums

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    2. The Girl Is The Ordinary Star


    Think Sade-Composite drums. “ahhh” vocals float through choruses. Mellow- slighty funky and hopeful. 2:31 is breakdown- light guitar and bubbling percussion.

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    3. Flow


    This sleek and sexy track employs subtle yet funky guitar riffs, a jazzy piano solo, and a resonant bass line to create a sensual mood.

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    4. Machine Dance


    This track provides the soundscape to a dystopian world by using sparse piano, driving beats and distorted vocal samples.

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    5. Mob Mentality (Inst.)


    Stutter step hip-hop beats and Spanish style guitar pair pair up to create a track worthy of the modern desperado.

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    6. Off With Their Heads


    This track lures you in with a funky and sparse guitar line, then grabs you with southern style guitar, sweeping synths, heavy bass, and never lets you go.

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    7. Shark Shark


    Watery. Pretty. Melodic. Soft breathy sections into big drum sections. One section of 7/4. swirling Ebow guitars and keyboard explosions. Many sections leading to odd time towards end and breakdown with strings and ebow.

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    8. Riley's Room (Inst.)


    Southern guitar riffs abound in this edgy and haunting electro track.