KING-022 Muscle Car Rock cover

KING-022 Muscle Car Rock

The Angel/Devil

Raging guitar solos, drum fills, and fuzz riffs meet wailing vocals to construct a cocky collection of songs with attitude.

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    1. Damn You're Mean


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Bombastic and gritty energy bomb with guitar screeches and lyrics about waiting for a girl who never shows.

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    2. Dummy


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Over the top rock ballad with the high energy screaming vocals of 1980’s super groups and lyrics about letting go of fear.

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    3. My Lover


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Fierce and anthemic with agressive dueling shred guitar and lyrics about the sinister power of unrequited love.

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    4. Northstar


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Agressive and obnoxious; builds from just a rock drumkit, to drums and fuzz bass, with lyrics about finding direction.

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    5. Ode to TM


    GOODING; Short and heavy head-banger with distortion pedals hard at work.

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    6. Let Me Go


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Viscious and gritty with the authenticity of a hard-rocking power trio, with lyrics spat in the face on an ex-lover.

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    7. Simple


    GOODING; Sparse mid-tempo rocker shows that drum and bass can go a long way to carry a song.

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    8. Slow Build Dirty


    GOODING; Tribal drum beats, gloomy bass, and edgy guitar riffs summon ominous sentiments.

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    9. The Big Show


    MIKE G; A fuzz-distortion electro arpeggio kicks things off, followed by an explosion of guitar bass and drums.

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    10. The New Black


    GOODING; A mid-tempo power rock trio front-end gives way to an eerie four-on-the-floor electro passage and finally a punk rock explosion.

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    11. Weed My Garden


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Industrial mud rock opens up to wild lyrical ballad with lyrics about fighting authority.

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    12. You Spit Fire


    ANGEL/DEVIL; Gritty and agressive indie rock track features a face-melting guitar solo and lyrics about two opposites duking it out.