KING-011 Thumpin' and Grindin' R&B cover

KING-011 Thumpin' and Grindin' R&B


Turn the lights down, light a candle and relax and let these songs that combine snappy drums, 808 pads, Rhodes, smooth rapping and infectious R&B singing do the rest.

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    1. Your Name


    Up tempo R&B with crisp drums and ravey synth, and male vocals with lyrics calling out to a girl across the dance floor.

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    2. R U Ready


    Medium tempo romantic R&B with male vocals, male MC, ravey synths, and hypey lyrics about that special woman.

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    3. Losin My Air


    Medium tempo R&B, fusing new school with retro as live guitar, funk bass mix with male vocals about losing it over a lady.

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    4. Bed Talk


    Medium tempo and smooth and plucky R&B slow jam with shimmering synth twinkles and male vocals about making magic behind closed doors.

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    5. I Got It


    Medium tempo R&B that owns the dance floor with a full-bodied and relaxed vibe, 808 drums, Rhodes keys and male vocals about seduction and confidence.

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    6. Kathy


    Medium tempo R&B club banger with glitzy synth, vintage piano stabs and Auto Tuned male vocals about a one-of-a-kind woman.

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    7. Light Ya Fire


    Medium tempo sexy and sensual R&B with a soft mid-tempo groove, atmospheric organ and male vocals about wanting some alone time.

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    8. Scream


    Up tempo R&B dance with arpeggiated staccato synth stabs and male vocals about going all night.

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    9. So Far Gone


    Up tempo and hot R&B featuring beat loops and whirly pads with male vocals about smoking until you’re in outer space.

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    10. Slowed Down


    Medium tempo R&B with Rhodes, snappy claps, a classic beat loop, fuzzy groove synths with male vocals about giving your girl what she needs.