KING-037 Eccentricities  cover

KING-037 Eccentricities


This is a collection of eccentric, eclectic, and often haunting electro tracks. They feature moody bell tones, swelling whirling underscores, synth hits, and perfectly blended live drum and bass tracks. Each of these tunes has a story to tell.

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    1. Dice Dominoes and Cards


    This sultry track meld a bass line straight from a 70’s cop show with electronic loops and a persistent beat with fun results.

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    2. The Thing in the Corner (edit)


    Beats and bloated distorted bass into bells and Bonham-esque live drums.
    Flanged ultra-distorted guitars in chorus. Spooky verse. Futuristic reggae chorus.

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    3. The Empire Club


    A skittering beat is persistent throughout this track, as it winds through passages of synth stabs, piano, and laser beam synth.

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    4. Crime Scene


    Quirky and driving. blending loops, backwards bass, piano and percussion. Bursts of organ, bells and tuba, many sections to edit from.

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    5. Glam R and B Cue


    This track finds itself transitioning between a somewhat melodramatic piano line and a mischievous synth section—to dizzying and delightful effect.

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    6. Happy 29 (edit)


    Optimistic verse and melancholy chorus. Trip hop with claves and loop, panning electric piano. Flanged delays spin throughout.

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    7. Payola


    Quirky 80’s revival. Danny Dark retells the golden age of radio, payola and scandals intact…

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    8. Howard's Confusing Scary Little Dream


    Weird and dark. Gated keys, marimba, synths and scraps of guitar. Opens up at 1:54