KING-023 Car Chases and Bank Robberies cover

KING-023 Car Chases and Bank Robberies


Locked and loaded action tracks come turbo-charged with blaring horns, screeching orchestrations, and loud bombastic drums and will no doubt raise the energy and intensity to a boiling point.

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    1. Secret Agent 008


    GOODING; The chase is on! Jabbing strings and driving horns orchestrate a tense caper-tune.

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    2. Thick and Low


    GOODING; Raw bitty-bass guitar and reverb acoustic drum loops build to a sultry climax.

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    3. Play Ball


    MIKE G; Urgent strings set the pace, with electronic flourishes, crowd cheers, and marching snare. Mid section features house drums.

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    4. Airstrike


    GOODING; Heavy guitars kick through pauses of ambient clatter.

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    5. Big industrial


    GOODING; Quirky electronic buzzes skip and clang their way through a bed of hand drums.

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    6. Dingo


    GOODING; Rhythmic strings purposefully advance onward, backed by electro beats and reliable bass.

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    7. Facepiece


    GOODING; Intense percussion and electro flourishes serve as a playground for an etherial vibe that mingles throughout.

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    8. Owen Wilson


    GOODING; Guitars soar as if our hero speeds confidently on the road to victory.

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    9. Skywalk


    GOODING; Steadfast strings mingle with electronic touches, cocky drumkit performances, and low humming synth beds.

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    10. Thrillsport


    GOODING; Rhythmic guitars strike against distorted beats, exuding a thrilling sense of mystery.

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    11. Fluid


    MIKE G; Upbeat and percussive, with echoing vocal samples, phasing synth, and loungey electro flourishes.