KING-062 Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Full Throttle cover

KING-062 Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Full Throttle


Rocking, grooving, hip, and contemporary, these high-intensity tracks are the definition of cool. Fusing together the road-tested rock elements of a hundred tour gigs and the orchestral know-how of experienced composers, this collection adds a genuine flare to any Trailer or show.

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    1. End of Story


    GOODING; Brooding rock track with an emotional, twinkling introduction that builds to a power rock trio bombardment.

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    2. Welcome to Where You Are


    Guitars burn slow and confident on this deliberately-paced track, with crashing cymbals and a steady beat tying it all together.

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    3. Thirty Mile


    GOODING; Rugged blues rock instrumental with epic, pounding drums and shuffling, confident bass line.

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    4. Night of the Ghost


    GOODING; Tough and rugged hard blues rock instrumental with pounding drums and distorted bass turned up to eleven.

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    5. Deep Funk Techno Bed


    Funky techno and electronic guitar mix with distorted vocal samples on this energetic and danceable track.

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    6. J. Walker Black


    GOODING; Swagger-induced Midwest electric guitar hard rock with crunchy bass and guitar. Features thumping drum kit.

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    7. Wah Wah


    This rocking track will make you wanna hit the open road, packed with smoky guitar licks and bumping beats!

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    8. Humanizer


    Electric guitars build in intensity on this fast-paced, rough-and-tumble tune!

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    9. Locked and Loaded


    Cool drums build to edgy guitars licks in this no-nonsense track.

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    10. Short Hair Pop Rock

    Cocky guitar licks and a danceable beat infuse this unabashedly poppy track. Play hooky and drink in your parent’s basement, you reckless youth!
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    11. Sportsy Funk


    An electro-infused take on classic funk riffs that are sure to get a crowd psyched for the big game!