KING-046 Head In Hands cover

KING-046 Head In Hands


These are the songs that play at the end of the road. These are the songs that play when it’s time to embrace the inevitable. Perfect for the back half of an action trailer or dark gritty drama, this collection tells it like it is and precisely complements moments of epic sweeping tragedy.

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    1. Never Leave Proof


    A sweet, mournful harp opens the door to this bombastic track, which features crashing cymbals and a frightening choral section.

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    2. Destroyer of Worlds


    Gritty guitars riffs and haunting choral sections give this track a bombastic and monumental feel.

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    3. Viking Funeral


    This heavy track features reverb soaked guitars, violent bass and crashing cymbals that all work together to convey the essence of a mournful anger.

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    4. Main Event


    This track is an epic piece, featuring horn hits churning guitars that build to a massive conclusion.

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    5. Peaceful Sad Theme


    Sparse and mournful, this eerie track features synths and and subtle brass notes.

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    6. The man that lost everything


    This sorrowful track features reverb-laden guitars, chimes, and a fuzzed out bass.

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    7. Slow Build Drama


    Using power chords and squealing guitars, this quick track builds to a dramatic conclusion.