KING-016 Action Electro cover

KING-016 Action Electro

Mike G

High octane electro beats, bursting with energy that are at home on a racetrack, during a wild shootout or a night out at the club.

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    1. Army


    Fast-paced and heart-pumping with pulsing bass and four-on-the-floor beats.

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    2. Robot


    Skittering beats and a wide array of familiar techno sounds, punctuated by the occasional female vocal sample.

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    3. Mikes Turbo


    A heavy, dirty, low end and industrial-grade electronic beat loops.

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    4. Capsized


    A pulsing and persistent beat brings to life countless frantic nights spent in dim haunts.

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    5. Euro Techno Bed


    Quirky synths and skittering beats are the baseline for other fun elements like a squealing guitar and vocoder.

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    6. Jewel Thief


    Loungey and too-cool with wah-wah guitars, disco horn hits, and bongo drums.

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    7. Racing Streets Techno Bed


    Roller-coaster synth lines and militant drum beats are punctuated by short bursts of sound.

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    8. Slam Techno Bed


    A moody and ominous club-banger backed by a consistent snare hit.

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    9. The Crusher


    An aggressive and dark track featuring a gritty synth line and frenetic break beats.

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    10. Twisted


    A gritty and electro track punctuated by haunting distortion-laden female vocals.