KING-054 Dark Mournful Moments cover

KING-054 Dark Mournful Moments


Wistfully beautiful, unapologetically sad, these scores are meant for the times when things have taken a turn for the worse. Great for film, perfect for TV (some of these tracks have a dramatic feel that echoes the tones of soap operas) these down tempo emotional tunes will punctuate any mournful moment.

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    1. Death Cue


    Somber and pensive, haunting and expressive, a duo of piano and violin create an underscore for loss and sadness.

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    2. Funeral Cue


    As to be expected with such an uplifting title, this song is floating in pensive and introspective overtones.

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    3. Landlocked


    Song is guitar ambience and voice only. Ebowed guitars through old super reverb vibratos- with analog tape turned backwards. Omninous- foreshadowing- contained- breathy- swampy- sad.

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    4. Hamptons Room


    Spooky and floating, tense and surreal, this is an ethereal backdrop for any drama or thriller.

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    5. Morning 1


    Mysterious and dark, delayed guitars build to the sky.

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    6. Morning 2


    Cold and haunting, this track is filled with tension and beauty.

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    7. Requiem 1918


    This ethereal track foreshadows and frightens at the start, pulses in a crunchy industrial groove in the center, and closes with a double time climax.