KING-020 Down Home Southern Rock cover

KING-020 Down Home Southern Rock


Expertly plucked acoustic guitars and lap steels are interwoven with tracks full of distorted guitar and strong rock sensibilities.

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    1. Delta 1


    Big and twangy hybrid track with a fusion of slide guitars and beat loops.

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    2. Delta 2


    Gorgeously dark mix of ricocheting synth bass and plucked guitars and banjos.

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    3. Hell Cat Maggie


    Greasy bad-ass tune with sung ooh’s and a lot of attitude.

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    4. Oilmuck Blues


    Fuzz bass asserts itself among a mix of bombastic drums and echoing guitar sirens.

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    5. Dead Man's Hand


    GOODING; Bouncy beat loops and confident fuzz guitars bring to mind wild west poker games and dusty road shootouts .

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    6. Mississippi River Mud B


    GOODING; This bluesy acoustic slide guitar track has a lazy jam band quality and improvised percussion. Ending sweetly with a gentle harmonic and well deserved resolution.

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    7. Big and Greasy


    GOODING; Thick metal guitar and crashing industrial beat take us through this intensely moody and ambient track.

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    8. All Summer Long


    This joyful acoustic tune starts off simple with some hand drums and guitar and builds to an uptempo chorus of drumkit, acoustic guitars, and optimistic distant speech samples.

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    9. Mississippi River Mud A


    GOODING; This bluesy playful track has a jug band vibe and moody back porch swing. Lap steel and improvised percussion drive this ambient piece of home made americana.

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    10. Mississippi River Mud C


    GOODING; This foreboding track lead by an acoustic guitar and moody drum moves confidently from the dirt road to the local bar.

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    11. Cooder's Revenge


    GOODING; An echoey guitar and chasing beat bring this moody track back to life for some unfinished business.