KING-039 Escape the Machine! cover

KING-039 Escape the Machine!


The buzzed-out distortion filters are turned to 11 on this album. These tracks expertly blend together layers of fuzz guitars, in-your-face but not over-the-top drum tracks, and bitty synthesized swirls. This is another collection of tracks that would perfectly underscore dark and gritty action scenes.

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    1. Self- Destruct (Inst.)


    This high-energy tune is invigorating and rich with sultry reverb and driving drums. With moments of mystery, it returns to consistent heavy rock chords.

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    2. Planned Ops (Loud Remix)


    This aggressive tune is heavy and explosive: think Godsmack and a ticking time bomb, high heels running down a long hallway. Solid drum line carries it through to a thick guitar riff and back again.

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    3. Hecian


    This wailing, measured guitar riff is balanced with driving, metallic drums and heavy cymbals.

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    4. A Kinder Future


    This song combines haunting piano, vocals and suspended drum beats that repeat and build into a rhythmic jam with an epic, determined vibe.

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    5. Armored Car


    This driving, bassy guitar jam digs in it’s heels and knows where it’s headed.

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    6. Many Happy Returns (Inst)


    Hard beats and gated guitars. Edgy, frantic and grooving.

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    7. Other (Inst.)


    This driving guitar and drum riff moves quickly and remains consistent and grounded in it’s powerful and affecting sound.