KING-048 At the Summit cover

KING-048 At the Summit


These thought-provoking underscores are perfect for moments of pensive ponderings and reflective revelations. Ideal for film and TV, great for soap operas, dramas, and inspirational moments, these are truly moving tracks.

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    1. Chalk Sky


    This sparse piano cue features glockenspiel and synth elements that evoke the tones of Thomas Newman’s classic American Beauty score.

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    2. Adam and Patience


    Put this song on when things aren’t going your way. A dark, almost haunting track, this one makes you think back on what the heck you did to get to where you’re at.

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    3. Compass Star


    An acoustic guitar gives an organic feel to this floating and quirky song.

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    4. Freeze


    A deep, moody, atmospheric cue with subtle build and a tragic synth string underlay.

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    5. Gonna Call Cue


    Funky guitar and bass dance around trading fourths with a delicate and contemporary piano and drum track.

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    6. Healer Baby


    A tragic reflection on decaying worlds and decrepit civilizations, this track’s minimalist mood transports listeners to distant desolate spacescapes.

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    7. New Age 1


    Airy synth, piano and distant percussion. Soft and subtle.

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    8. New Age 2


    Perfect for yoga and meditation, this track features a minimalist, swirling, ethereal synth pad structure and beautiful new age melodies.

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    9. Piano/Guitar Cue


    This tear-jerking track gets right down to its sensitive side with a sparse duet between a piano and a guitar.

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    10. River Rise


    A true journey, this song has a bit of a fantasy-film, anthemic, epic wandering flare, a la Avatar. Hand drums and orchestral builds seal the deal.

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    11. Sanza Melody


    Buckle your skybelts, it’s time for a hip and moody journey across the world. Combining cross-cultural percussion with edgy modern instrumentation, this track is pure fusion.

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    12. Taiko 12 String Pop Theme


    A modern take on the noir genre, this track combines the classic cigarette smoke and damp street feel of an upright bass with some eclectic piano and acoustic guitar melodies.

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    13. The Killing Sea (Inst.)


    A gentle and subdued ballad with smooth retrospective undertones.

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    14. Trombone Theme


    Somber and presidential, this proud orchestral tune features the stately wail of trombones coming together with West-Wing style bells.