KING-006 SoCal Youth Rock cover

KING-006 SoCal Youth Rock

Fale Space

Fun in the sun, upbeat pop punk. Epitomizing the sounds of Southern California.

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    1. Amped Like That


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo pop punk featuring crunching power chords. An ode to teenage rebellion.

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    2. Come On Come Off


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo pop punk that’s one part San Diego, one part New York 1977. One hook follows another, serving as an ode to youthful rebellion.

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    3. Don't Fight It


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo and driving pop punk, mixing bombastic drums, churning power chords and a mid-song breakdown.

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    4. Everything's Real Today


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo and chugging pop punk that captures the essence youthful exuberance.

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    5. In the Cafeteria


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo pop punk with chugging power chords and pounding drums.

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    6. Lit Up


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo ska punk that serves as a driving pop punk ode to rebellion.

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    7. Max Dog


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo garage pop punk featuring distorted guitars and simple structure that are reminiscent of punk’s earlier days.

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    8. Mosh


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo and raw old school punk that channels a sense of youthful aggression and burns from start to finish.

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    9. Run Til You Find Her


    FALE SPACE; Up tempo pop punk with a melodic guitar hook resting nicely against the churning power chords of inner turmoil. The perfect score to youthful yearning.

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    10. Three Things You Gotta Know


    FALE SPACE; Dark and angst-ridden pop-punk that employs minor chords to make its point.