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(KING-005) Hearts That Can’t Be Healed

January 31, 2014 2:04:29pm

Of all the loves I miss you most

Since you left I’m like a ghost

Haunting a dream that won’t come true

In every doorway the cold gets in

I race through my days and I pretend

That when I get home I’ll be with you

It was never enough for us

Never enough for us

We borrow beg and steal

It was never enough for us

Never enough for us

We got hearts that can’t be healed

Don’t know what else that I can try

We were better with the lie

That somehow the world would not let us down

There’s a poison that you take

Causes you to rattle and to shake

And the price of the lift is the cold,cold ground

Set fire to my heart

To make it new again