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K2 is an LA-based music licensing company providing authentic songs, cues, sound design, and custom scores for film, TV, videogames, websites, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our 100% Writer/Publisher, un-retitled tracks are written by everyone from road-warrior rock musicians, to street-level hip hop artists, to orchestral composers.

For licensing, please contact APM Music at 323.461.3211 or

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Kingdom 2 Music welcomes artist Carter Hulsey

September 10, 2018

Kingdom 2 Music welcomes artist Carter Hulsey Los Angeles CA— Kingdom 2 Music is proud to have teamed up with one of our all-time favorite songwriters and touring artists from the deep musical grou… Read More >

Kingdom 2 Music welcomes artist Jamison Hollister

February 8, 2017

Los Angeles CA— Kingdom 2 Music is proud to have teamed up with a virtuoso artist from the Southlands, Jamison Hollister. Based outside of Memphis, TN and recording in an old barn dubbed “ Long D… Read More >

Kingdom 2 Joins BMG’s International Ranks

January 25, 2016

Los Angeles, CA—Kingdom 2 Music is proud to announce that BMG will be representing their catalog in international territories. Founded by Artist/Composer/CEO Gooding, Kingdom 2 boasts authenti… Read More >

Kingdom 2 Music Launches New Hip Hop Series

January 25, 2016

Los Angeles, CA—This January Kingdom 2 Music will launch a new series of hip hop albums aptly titled “Kingdom 2 Massive Hip Hop Series.” The series will include previous hip hop albums with… Read More >

Kingdom 2 Features “Courts Racetracks and Arenas” Series

January 25, 2016

Kingdom 2 is happy to announce the 4th volume of it’s acclaimed “Courts, Racetracks, and Arenas” albums. Filled with high-octane fun, slamming guitar performances, and empowering and inspiring… Read More >

Celebrate Halloween with Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Apocalypse

October 16, 2013

World War Z. Pacific Rim. Star Trek, Elysium, and After Earth. This summer saw a list of blockbuster movies that told stories of the end of the world. Our costumed heroes in the Marvel and DC Uni… Read More >

Gooding Embarks on Summer Tour

June 28, 2013

Kingdom 2 CEO and artist, Gooding, kicked off his 2013 Summer Tour on June 11th! After polishing off the final mixes on a new batch of Kingdom 2 music, including the upcoming Motorcycle Blues (KING 9… Read More >

K2 Celebrates APM Music’s 30th with Music From the 80’s

March 4, 2013

The 80’s were a turbulent time. The Brat Pack dominated the entertainment landscape. Kevin Bacon charmed his way into the hearts of America (with a brief detour for a dance break in a warehouse). L… Read More >

About Little Red

July 14, 2012

If there’s one question we get asked more than “do you have a dub step record,” it’s “What’s the story behind your logo?” For folks who are new to Kingdom 2,... Read More >

Kingdom 2’s New Beginnings

July 2, 2012

Last week, ten albums of Kingdom 2’s music were made available through APM Music, marking the beginning of a partnership that will include the entirety of Kingdom 2’s current catalogue, as well a… Read More >