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K2 is an LA-based music licensing company providing authentic songs, cues, sound design, and custom scores for film, TV, videogames, websites, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our 100% Writer/Publisher, un-retitled tracks are written by everyone from road-warrior rock musicians, to street-level hip hop artists, to orchestral composers.

For licensing, please contact APM Music at 323.461.3211 or

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“Whether it’s creative, technical or business, K2 has exactly what it takes to make your project complete. I’ve never had a better time collaborating and I can’t say enough about the quality, professionalism and true talent that is K2 and Gooding. This is a business relationship that I know will continue throughout the years, and I look forward to what’s next!

- Julia Henry, Fox Sports/Werner Herzog/Ivy Augusta

“Like any truly impressive piece of art, Kingdom 2 music has the rare ability to grab one’s attention right away while still having enough substance to reveal more and more interesting layers of itself the more it is experienced. Now with Kingdom 2, I have easy access to a fantastic catalog of eclectic, thoughtfully composed tracks for pretty much anything. This is how it should be.”

- Jason Coker, Associate Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America

“I look forward to working on projects with Kingdom 2; I realize how rare and refreshing it is to find a combination of such rich and diverse talent, along with a no-nonsense professionalism work ethic. The ideas are bold, original and melodic, they are also always memorable & emotional. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I have several favorite pieces of music that I am patiently waiting to use on a commercial”

- Cris Blyth, Digital Domain/RIOT/Goodmakers

“I’ve known and worked with Gooding for several years now. I think what strikes me most about his music is that whatever he creates; incredible songs with his band, adroitly crafted tracks for his solo work or massive library cues, Gooding always writes from his heart and soul. Nothing is ever generic or ‘cranked out.’ Everything he does has incredible care and authenticity to it. Not everyone can be so engaged in such diverse work and be so ‘Good’ at it. Gooding is one of my absolute favs as a composer and a person.”

-Marc Jackson, Craig Murray Productions

“As a filmmaker, I find music an integral part of the viewing experience. Kingdom 2’s music is at once rich and resonant, and has strongly impacted the emotion in my stories. My films simply would not have been the same with any other music.”

- Rod Pokawatchit, Harmy Films, Writer/Director of “Dancing on the Moon”, nominated for three American Indian L.A. Film and TV Awards including best motion picture