KING-047 Indie Miracles cover

KING-047 Indie Miracles

Mike G

Reflective indie rock with distortion and lush accompaniment

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    1. Media C


    Medium tempo, romantic and dreamy indie alt country with drum shuffle, melodic guitar lead and lush string arrangements.

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    2. My Fault


    Down tempo and reflective strummer builds into distorted shoegaze fuzz rock.

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    3. Sorry


    Down tempo and indie with an haunting bass line, synth textures, and melodic guitar lines. Builds to anthemic outro.

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    4. Waiting


    Medium tempo, short and sweet, indie rock beat and piano pairing.

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    5. Angels


    Acoustic guitar fades into medium tempo fuzz rock with hooky guitar lines

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    6. Camping


    Medium tempo strummed guitar with a dreamy, nostalgic electric guitar melody.

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    7. Dreams


    Down tempo indie rock with strings, xylophone and piano that burst into a melodic force.

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    8. Fitchy


    Medium tempo synth leads glide across electric and acoustic guitar rhythms.