KING-035 Reality TV: Urban Underscore cover

KING-035 Reality TV: Urban Underscore

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    1. Life's Struggles


    Mid-tempo anthemic urban number featuring fuzzed-out synth bass and descending climax strings.

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    2. Work Dat


    Dance groove with the wub wub bass of dubstep and the uptempo energy of a night at the club.

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    3. Ballin


    Hip urban number with the slick bounce of synth bass, sirens, and split-time snare triplet hits.

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    4. For the Paper


    Huge song packing a climactic vibe, giant trigger drums, and the descending chord progression of an immense moment of finality.

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    5. I'm On It


    Obnoxiously confident urban tune with quirky springy synths and finger snaps.

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    6. Takin Shots


    Big and brash, with street level hip hop drum loops and film trailer horn blasts.

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    7. Let 'em Hate


    In-your-face and dangerously confident with record scratches, chimes, electro flute, and urban drums that have nothing to prove.

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    8. Rollin On


    A moody urban anthem with relaxed confidence and synth strings that mark the end of an era.

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    9. Street Life


    Piano driven hip hop track perfect for transitional moments in reality programming.