KING-031 The Western Expanse cover

KING-031 The Western Expanse

Evoking the filmic expanses of the wild west as seen through the eye of an indie film director, with interwoven banjo, bass and light percussion elements.

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    1. The Language of Dreams


    An anthemic and introspective song whose arc evokes a struggle, a resolution, and an acceptance in a massive midwest setting.

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    2. The Last Spike


    Brings forth images of a hero riding horseback at dusk towards a climactic duel and almost certain death.

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    3. Echo Fields


    Gorgeous tempo-changing acoustic rock ditty with drumkit and unplugged guitars. A real foot-stomper.

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    4. Flower Of Fire


    A four-on-the-floor toe-tapper that builds to a introspective and dulcet conclusion.

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    5. Gold Creek


    Optimstic and energetic despite its darker chord structure. Creates a sense of nostalgic longing.

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    6. Baited Breath


    Minimalist melodic banjo tugs at heart strings with penseive persuasiveness.

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    7. Coal Dust Lullaby


    Plucked acoustic guitar front-end gives way to massive drums and minor-key arpeggios evocative of a dust-bowl brawl.

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    8. Make The Unknown Known


    A cheerful and subtle banjo track anchored by a delicately dancing bass line.

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    9. Tortoise


    Upbeat climactic number with bouncing banjo, walking clean electric bass, and a jovial sense of wonder.

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    10. Canvas Hills


    Gentle finger-picked guitar melodies are accompanied by bell notes and low-end string swells.