KING-090 Drums For Daisy cover

KING-090 Drums For Daisy

A drum and percussion feature; adventurous and edgy without sacrificing a sense of play.

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    1. BMX Miracles


    GOODING; Scary and moody industrial intro breaks into edge drumkit feature and cowbell/metal percussion stop-down.

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    2. Tinseltown


    GOODING; Mega percussion echoes in the background, never giving a moments peace to the glockenspiel out front making melodies.

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    3. Sputnik Monroe


    GOODING; Playful wooden percussion and echo cymbals are quickly met by a fantastically fun club drum loop.

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    4. Snap Snap


    GOODING; A tapestry of bouncing dancing fingersnaps phase from left to right, met by dubby bass and industrial electro effects.

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    5. Sandbox Walk


    GOODING; Bongos and other hand drums flirt with live studio drumset. Features a static effect mid-section stop-down.

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    6. Root Beer Float


    GOODING; Big band tom drum and open-snare hits and claps trade back and forth with sections of 6/8 live drumkit.

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    7. Power Lines and Palm Trees


    GOODING; Ominous and deep bass synth undertones mix with hip urban beat loops and remind that life in the big city is not without its gritty moments.

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    8. Olive's Jam


    GOODING; A contemporary rock version of a marching band drumcorps. Hit percussion and snare drums lead the show.

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    9. For the Count


    GOODING; Urban beat loops and metalic percussion hits lay down a bed for energetic hand claps.

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    10. Cherry Bubblegum


    GOODING; A fun song for goofball moments- a lot of synth vox bleeps and doos over minimalist drum cycles. Spooky surprise at the very end!