KING-067 Journey to the Center of the 80's cover

KING-067 Journey to the Center of the 80's

Wax nostalgic about the days when guitar solos were required in pop music and keyboard players were gainfully employed.

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    1. I Want To Know


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Jazzy 80s piano stabs, hard snare hits accompany sultry and ominous synth textures and a funky bass line.

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    2. Within


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Romantic 80s solo piano morphs into bombastic rock ballad, complete with soaring guitar solos and drum breaks.

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    3. Summer's End


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Classic 80’s ballad, featuring piano solos and classical guitar flourishes.

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    4. Under No Condition


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Upbeat and edgy 80s rock featuring ominous choir singers, squealing guitar solos and a driving beat.

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    5. Lost Without Your Love


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Bombastic 80s ballad morphs to delicate and romantic instrumental , complete with guitar solo crescendos and gentle piano notes.

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    6. I Belong To You


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Uplifting and romantic 80s pop rock, featuring heartfelt guitar solos, strings, and piano.

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    7. Nothing Left To Hold


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Eerie intro bursts into romantic 80s Latin ballad, with strings, classical guitar, piano and crashing cymbals.

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    8. Premonition


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Classical and electric guitar take turns soloing crescendoing to bombastic finish in what could easily be the theme to an 80s buddy cop flick.

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    9. Where Do We Go From Here


    STEVEN MICHAELS; 80s new age piano stabs, funky bass lines and the ever-present guitar solo.

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    10. All to My Own


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Saccharine strings and piano morph into full on 80s rock ballad, with danceable moments.

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    11. Just For A Moment's Time


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Soft and romantic 80s pop featuring classical guitar and piano that carry the melody, with electric guitar accents.

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    12. Without Warning


    STEVEN MICHAELS; 80s rock ballad with funk elements thrown in for variety, featuring classical guitar solos.

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    13. Endlessly


    STEVEN MICHAELS; 80s rock ballad with funk elements thrown in for variety, featuring classical guitar solos.

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    14. The Last To Dream


    STEVEN MICHAELS; 80s hard rock, featuring distorted guitar riffs and drums high in the mix, full of attitude and soul.

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    15. Prelude to The Last To Dream


    STEVEN MICHAELS; 80s ambient, featuring quavering strings and gentle piano accompanied by the ambient sounds of a rainy city night.

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    16. I'd Still Wait for You


    STEVEN MICHAELS; Romantic 80s pop ballad, featuring synth strings, edgy guitar riffs, and bell flourishes that build to a bombastic climax.