KING-070 Smooth R&B cover

KING-070 Smooth R&B

Hey baby. Come on back to my place. I’ll put on a little smooth R&B and we can just let the night melt away.

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    1. Club 33


    MIKE G; Hypnotic synth pads and distant vocal samples create an intimate R&B vibe.

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    2. Late Nights


    MIKE G; Dark and fuzzed out R&B synth pads with a beat that takes center stage.

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    3. Love and the City


    MIKE G; Sparse, moody R&B with synth textures, piano stabs and an urban beat.

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    4. New West


    MIKE G; Slow jam R&B featuring eastern percussion, western grooves and dirty south synths.

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    5. Paradise With You


    MIKE G; Glossy synth stabs, distant vocal samples and hand claps create a sensual R&B with a beach-like vibe.

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    6. Slender


    MIKE G; Romantic bedroom R&B groove, features silky synth leads and a retro-organ.

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    7. Tricky


    MIKE G; Down tempo R&B, featuring swirling synth pads and bombastic beat loops.