KING-084 Neon in the Fog cover

KING-084 Neon in the Fog

Somber electronic tunes are rich with atmosphere and emotional intention.

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    1. Somnus


    GOODING; Moody damp-pavement tune with urban beatloops, synth pads, and haunting piano melody line.

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    2. Zone 313


    GOODING; Worldbeat-informed hand drums carry the beat of a sample-rich electro tune.

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    3. Gray Matter


    GOODING; Dancing electro hits and synth vibraphone add a distinctly 80’s vibe to contemporary urban beats.

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    4. Radio and A Gun


    GOODING; Acoustic guitar and spunky beatloop blend with radio static sample that sounds almost like rainfall.

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    5. Stay A Little While Longer


    GOODING; Whirligig synth instrumentation circles a hypnotic trance, aided by sprinkled repeated male vocal samples.

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    6. Technology's Nature


    GOODING; Ominous tension track with introspective synth piano melody and spanish guitar.

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    7. Tracers


    GOODING; A foreboding dramatic tune puts your emotions to the task with its dim electronic layers.

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    8. Zone 315


    GOODING; A marathon of a song, packed with dramtic turn after turn and anthemic mid-tempo drums.