KING-030 A Night in the Swamplands cover

KING-030 A Night in the Swamplands

Twangy relaxed acoustic guitar meets with dark and haunting underscoring to create a muddy and moody atmosphere.

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    1. Landlocked


    GOODING; Spooky and ethereal, with reverse-mixed guitar moans and ambient horror pads.

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    2. Last Days


    GOODING; Shimmering cymbals, haunting reverb acoustic and slide guitars, with an eerie sense of nostalgic longing.

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    3. Leadville


    GOODING; Down and dirty acoustic guitar blues tune with fuzz bass and southern grit.

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    4. Parish Road


    GOODING; Down and out mood-tune featuring casually picked vibrato guitar and resonating synth frequencies for ambiance.

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    5. Lullabye Three


    GOODING; Muddy downtempo tune with subtle vocal sampling and a bluesy acoustic guitar riff.

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    6. Murky


    GOODING; Primarily acoustic guitar, accompanied by a bed of bluesy southern slide riffs.

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    7. Reverend Hubbard


    GOODING; Dark bluesy acoustic guitars, with a moody midsection, and subtle jingling percussion.

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    8. The Silver King


    GOODING; Southern blues riff rock trades back and forth with reverse banjo interludes.

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    9. Walter's Theme


    GOODING; Twangy acoustic guitar pairs with a relaxed and emotional, almost moody underscore.