KING-093 SoCal Youth Rock Vol. 2 cover

KING-093 SoCal Youth Rock Vol. 2

Fale Space

Hop a skateboard to the beach, ‘cause school’s out for summer.

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    1. Saturday Night Came Right


    FALE SPACE; Upbeat punk rock with party vibe and noisily youthful middle section.

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    2. Doozy


    FALE SPACE; Deep distorted riff guitar gives way to clean bass and drum stop-down and builds to a edgy climax.

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    3. Righteous Hammer


    FALE SPACE; 90’s punk rock with fuzz riff guitar and drumkit, arpeggiated guitar melody, and sense of fun.

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    4. Summer Break


    FALE SPACE; Nothing but a good time, filled with escalating guitar melodies and outrageous drumkits.

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    5. Busting Down the Mall


    FALE SPACE; Mosh pit-ready punk/rage rock brings the party. Enough dstortion guitar, bass, and drums to fill an arena.

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    6. If You Were True


    FALE SPACE; Early 90’s emo-punk. A little more introspective than the others, but still filled with guitar rock energy.

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    7. Party at Dave's House


    FALE SPACE; Bass and drumkit intro resolve into a full-on punk rock tune, ready to play on a pick-up truck stereo by the lake.

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    8. Skateboards and Swimming Pools


    FALE SPACE; Classic punk rock tune, fuzz guitar riff gives way to understated mid-section, and full-on melodic chorus.

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    9. Toxic Plumbing


    FALE SPACE; Upbeat major to minor conversion lends an edgy sense of foreboding to an otherwise in-your-face party tune.

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    10. My Heart Tattoo


    FALE SPACE; Dramatic drum and bass intro set the stage for a tune perfect for break-ups and agro life change.