KING-096 Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Apocalypse cover

KING-096 Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Apocalypse

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    1. Look on My Works


    MIKE G: Huge and horrifying, with a near collapse followed by electronic drum-driven back-end.

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    2. Dark Words


    MIKE G: Synth sound design leaves plenty of room for thought, fear, and anticipation.

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    3. Mutiny


    MIKE G: Haunting coupling of explosive electronic elements with marching live percussion.

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    4. Eventuality


    MIKE G: Swirling synth atmospheres leave behind a wisp of smoke before being taken over by dubstep-rock showdown.

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    5. What's Left is Lost


    MIKE G: A no-end-in-sight nightmare, with rock instrumentation and creepy sound effects.

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    6. Evan Jordan's Barren Dream


    MIKE G: Rock bass, live drums, and metal guitar riffs sculpt an agro scene.

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    7. Oryx


    MIKE G: Deep end of the world score, with post-nuclear strike synth explosions echoing in a wasteland.

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    8. Countdown Chasers


    MIKE G: Bombastic drums and deep fuzz synths build anxiety with the “tick tick” of a clock effect.

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    9. Left to Chance


    MIKE G: Soft piano melody and rock drums fuse with bongo drums for a globetrotting action sequence.

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    10. Crimson


    MIKE G: A relentless beat drives its way through huge electronic percussion and deep, dark synths.