KING-097 Dubstep and Dance Explosion Vol. 2 cover

KING-097 Dubstep and Dance Explosion Vol. 2

Dubstep mania is back with a vengeance, this time bringing its scrappy cousin Trap Music with it.

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    1. Ghosts


    MIKE G; Ricocheting synths are hypnotic and sensual while a pounding dance beat and vocal samples weave a dancey spell.

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    2. Go


    MIKE G; Get up and dance, ‘cause these synths hit all the right notes and this beat don’t stop. Are you ready?

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    3. On You


    MIKE G; Midtempo hip hop beats with drum machine and R&B vocals about knowing what a girl’s looking for.

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    4. Pitch


    MIKE G; A party jam, with celebratory synth builds, pop beats, and fuzzy electro whirls.

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    5. Truth in Motion


    MIKE G; Insistent and persistent four-on-the-floor beat with urban hits and dub bass.

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    6. Omega


    MIKE G; An infectious beat and synths-in-an-echo-chamber mesh to create a Vegas club ready tune.

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    7. Ground


    MIKE G; Urban nightscape with dubstep influenced mid-section breakdown.

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    8. Vision Guided


    MIKE G; The scene is set by confident synthesizer pads and shimmering effects. Then the beat takes over.

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    9. Ski Ski


    MIKE G; One envisions runway models and European road trips as a pounding beat asserts itself among synth melodies.

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    10. Articulated Manipulator


    MIKE G; An almost moody piano melody mixes with fuzz synth swirls and a dubstep beat-dropped middle section.