KING-099 Kingdom 2 Artist Feature: RDT cover

KING-099 Kingdom 2 Artist Feature: RDT

Hip Hop and R&B Collective RDT bring club-ready tracks packed to the brim with huge hooks, unbeatable rapping, and sultry sensuality.

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    1. Up to 10


    RDT; Grooving, swirling club banger with blazing synths, beat loops, and vocals about loud club music.

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    2. Lookin Good


    RDT; RDT announces their triumphant return with funky swirling percussion loops and descending synth sirens.

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    3. Trouble


    RDT; Midbeat groove synths flesh out a Hip Hop/R&B hybrid with vocoder vocals about lady trouble.

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    4. Wait Till


    RDT; Epic electro orchestra hits, and urban beat tap taps set the stakes for larger than life rap vocals.

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    5. Nothing Say


    RDT; Downtempo R&B slow jam steams with loungey synths and sensual vocals about being speechless.

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    6. Closer


    RDT; Upbeat electro arpeggios create a sense of urgency, with male rap vocals.

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    7. Our Life


    RDT; A celebratory toast of a song, featuring tap beatloops, massive synths, and proud rap vocals.

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    8. My Phone


    RDT; 80’s throwback synths set the tone for a classic R&B tune about spicy text messages.

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    9. Love Sounds


    RDT; R&B slow jam with swirling synths, steady grooving urban beats and lyrics about- well, you know.

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    10. Candlelight


    RDT; Toe-tapping finger snapping R&B number about showing a lady the night she deserves.

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    11. Goodbye


    RDT; R&B lounge tune with synthesizer instrumentation and rap lyrics about saying goodbye for the last time.