KING-103 The Bayou Plays the Blues cover

KING-103 The Bayou Plays the Blues

Blues guitar riffs and stomping rhythms abound. Male and female vocals add texture with oohs and ahhs.

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    1. Black Suits and Cowboy Boots


    GOODING; Bluesy rhythm guitar with electric slide on lead guitar, with male vocal “ohs” and “woahs.”

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    2. Bootlegger's Boy


    GOODING; Four to the floor rhythm with acoustic slide guitar and distorted lead guitar, male vocals hit “ooh” throughout.

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    3. Caballeros


    GOODING; Downtempo stomp with acoustic slide guitar and male vocals hit “oh oh ooh woah”, lead guitar solo ends the song.

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    4. Cuchara


    GOODING; Eerie pulsing female vocals glide over coffee can and kick drum rhythms and an acoustic bass line. Features vocal breakdown and rhythm breakdown.

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    5. Elephant Foot


    GOODING; Downtempo stomp features psychedilic female vocals, distorted guitar lead with bluesy 12-string guitars and banjo. Ends with whistle solo.

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    6. Jail Tree


    GOODING; Slow and moody, stomp clap rhythm with blues guitar, 12-string and electric lead guitar and ethereal female vocals.

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    7. Kingston Green


    GOODING; Spry slide guitar over imposing kick drum stomp and tambourine, ends with male vocals and lead guitars soloing in the distance.

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    8. Rodeo 45


    GOODING; Nimble acoustic guitar lines float over a menacing stomp and reverb laden guitar lines. Features male vocal “oohs.”

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    9. Round Rock


    GOODING; Acoustic blues guitar intertwined with electric slide and male vocals, builds to include banjos and a frenetic finish.

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    10. Sutter Creek


    GOODING; Features vibrant female vocals, hopeful acoustic guitar, charming banjo leads and slide guitar.

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    11. Tangle Leg Whiskey


    GOODING; Midtempo haunting melodies featuring female vocals, 12-string and slide guitars. Builds to scorching guitar solo.