KING-105 Courts, Racetracks and Arenas 3 cover

KING-105 Courts, Racetracks and Arenas 3

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    1. Shouters of the Spirit


    Uplifiting, driving guitars provide an aspirational tone, a triumphant chorus and crashing cymbals, male vocal “Hey Hey” can be heard in the distance.

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    2. Detroit Iron


    Muscle rock with a punk-rock edge, power chords and crashing cymbals.

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    3. Driving Song


    Chugging, aggressive guitars drive and squeal their way through crashing cymbals and a drum breakdown at the midway point.

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    4. Front And Center


    Cymbal crashes mark time throughout, with a metal-guitar riff throughout and male “oh whoa oh” vocals.

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    5. 77 Black Suits

    Acrobatic drumming leads to chugging guitars and melodic leads.
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    6. Rounding The Track


    Upbeat, uptempo rhythm guitar drives throughout with spots for pop-punk guitar leads and a short bass solo.

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    7. Jones Red

    Barroom guitar riffs provide a bluesy macho atmosphere.
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    8. Wacona

    Bluesy guitar riffs grow progressively jagged, with multiple riffs appearing throughout.
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    9. Titan


    Conjuring action riffs of the 80’s, power chord riffs drive while melody lines abound.