KING-124 Night Sky Ambient cover

KING-124 Night Sky Ambient

Ethereal soundscapes intertwine, float about and subdue the soul. Features synth pads, lush guitar lines and winding and rolling landscapes with a beautiful top end melody.

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    1. Blood and Moon


    GOODING; Beautiful synth pads and ethereal haunting lines causes one to pause and feel a sense of awe and introspective wonderment.

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    2. Shadowlands


    GOODING; Subtle reverse guitar plays in the background amidst a gorgeous and sparse piano line.

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    3. Shadowlands--ALT. 1


    GOODING; A sparse piano line permeates through the light atmosphere.

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    4. Light of the Self


    GOODING; A quivering synth line sets the landscape for a beautiful sparse piano melody. Pulsing background pads whisper and haunt the background.

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    5. Light of the Self--ALT. 1


    GOODING; A lone piano line floats subtly, searching and moving through the atmosphere.

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    6. Hyacinth


    GOODING; Lush reverb envelops these soft and subtle sounds lurking in the background.

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    7. Landing at Night


    GOODING; A reversed simmering and sparkling guitar texture lies at the bed of an introspective piano melody. A sense of loss overcomes one.

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    8. Black Sun Press


    GOODING; A lush guitar line opens up the delayed path for a hopeful bass line melody.

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    9. Evening is Done


    GOODING; An ambient lush organ-like guitar shimmers and permeates as it meets the morning sunrise

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    10. Opal


    GOODING; An unsettling sparse effected guitar is paired with minimalistic piano flourishes.

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    11. 100 Mad Ghosts


    GOODING; Ethereal and heavenly pads make way for a creeping live bass line as other sounds dance on top and tickle the melodic palette.