KING-107 Cinematic Indie Guitar Vol. 2 cover

KING-107 Cinematic Indie Guitar Vol. 2

Elegant and striking sonic landscapes are crafted with beautiful guitar melodies, effects and moody synths.

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    1. Aurora


    Chiming guitars ring out as a simple beat builds the song out to an epic scale, featuring building tension and distant choral “oohs.”

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    2. Stardust Blvd.


    Beautiful repeating reverb guitar melody over chugging rhythm guitars and bombastic drumming.

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    3. Alpha Omega


    Mournful guitar melodies and synth beds build on top of each other with a steady martial beat toward a climactic finish.

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    4. Skytop


    Slow, dramatic electric guitar with enchanting reverb drifts across a bed of heavenly synths.

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    5. Striking Distance


    A mournful guitar melody slowly builds to a near crescendo as drums softly accompany the ending.

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    6. The Myth of Time


    Plaintive and beautiful fingerpicked acoustic guitar is joined midway through by beautiful worldess female vocals.

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    7. Abiline


    Reverb laden acoustic guitar wafts over a bed of ambient guitar effects.

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    8. Hideout


    Plaintive electric guitar melodies echo and conjure a feeling of melancholy.

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    9. Dysart


    Gentle acoustic guitar with reverb guitar leads and acoutsic melody lines building above it.

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    10. Broken Cages


    Two charming reverb guitar melodies intertwine and build towards a climax that features a pulsing drum beat.