KING-109 Courts, Racetracks and Arenas Vol. 4 cover

KING-109 Courts, Racetracks and Arenas Vol. 4


A variety of aggressive and bluesy guitar riffs abound, with soaring guitar solos and active percussion breakdowns.

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    1. Chanting Hands


    Mean crunching riff and loud crashing cymbals build to a kick-drum breakdown followed by a runaway guitar solo.

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    2. Carolina Murphy


    Heavy guitar front and center goes between metal and dance-metal riff, with a haunting guitar melody line on top.

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    3. Anchor And Stone


    High octane rhythm guitar and frenetic and complex drumming set the stage for nasty blues guitar leads.

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    4. Black Snake River


    Aggressive blues-inspired rhythm guitar accompanied by in your face drumming and acrobatic guitar solos.

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    5. Green Lit


    Upbeat catchy guitar riff accompanied by a bouncy rhythm section eventually builds to climactic guitar solo.

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    6. Lock Up The Crayons


    Optimistic intertwining guitar riffs give way to meaner, bluesy riffs and soaring solos.

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    7. Pulse 122


    Heavy, dark rhythm guitar with slight nods to 90’s alternative rock, acompanied by chiming guitars.

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    8. Start At The Beginning


    Tense, melodic chiming guitars soar over a steady rock beat.

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    9. The Hand That Feeds You


    Ominous and bombastic drum section with a swaggering blues guitar stomping on top of it, filled with swells and explosions for added effect.

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    10. Watchers In The Dark


    Chugging, aggressive guitar riff stomps along with bombastic swells and powerful rhythm section.