KING-117 Wayfarer's Journal: Charming Acoustic Songs cover

KING-117 Wayfarer's Journal: Charming Acoustic Songs

Wistful and charming songs composed with a sense of delicacy and romanticism. Features guitar, piano, mandolin and violin, amongst others.

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    1. Finally Free


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Charming Americana-waltz featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin and tabla percussion. Sweet, romantic, optimistic.

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    2. A Different Place


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Rolling folk melody featuring beautifully plucked mandolin, guitar, and minimalist percussion. Refreshing and bright.

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    3. Market Dance


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Playful and charming, a light shaker keeps time for delicately intertwined bass, bongos, mandolin, piano and guitar. Upbeat, hopeful, and sweet.

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    4. A Look Inward


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Meditative acoustic guitar riff, shimmering cymbals, and delicate piano and mandolin flourishes atop light percussive elements. Peaceful, swaying, bright.

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    5. Countryside Sojourn


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Swaying, waltz tempo shaker and tabla set the stage for beautiful string melodies, delicately plucked acoustic guitar and mandolin, soulful electric guitar solo mid song. Romantic, wistful, lush.

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    6. Drinks On Ice


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Bright acoustic and electric guitar melodies intertwine over shaker and tablas. Beachy, refreshing, airy.

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    7. Candle Lit Tent


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Sparse instrumentation, featuring light bongos and shaker, soulful acoustic riffs, piano and shimmering cymbals. Romantic, tender, idyllic.

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    8. Wrong Turn


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Mysterious and ominous, dark minor chords portray a strong sense of movement, with bass, acoustic guitar, piano and slight percussion. Haunting, ominous, sly.

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    9. Silver Lining


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Brisk and bright guitar melody floats above sparse piano, light percussion and a subtle bass line. Ethereal, relaxing, positive.

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    10. Unforgettable Day


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; A soulful electric guitar solo takes center stage, while light percussion and piano accompany. Heartfelt, poignant,touching.

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    11. Traveler's Lament


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Peaceful and tender, features a rolling bass line and delicately plucked guitar, with bongo and shaker keeping time. Blissful, patient, sweet.

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    12. Until Next Time


    JAMISON HOLLISTER; Cheery guitar melody leads the way, as minimalist percussion and playful bass lines join in, eventually adding a string section as well. Buoyant, sunny, romantic.