KING-111 Cinematic Indie Guitar Vol.3 cover

KING-111 Cinematic Indie Guitar Vol.3

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    1. Blue House


    GOODING; Pensive guitar melody slowly builds as bells and percussion are added.

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    2. Hanna


    GOODING; Electric and acoustic guitars weave with burbling strings to create a tense atmosphere.

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    3. Judges and Fools


    GOODING; Tense, pervasive percussion builds as nimble, anxious guitar lines twist throughout.

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    4. Judges and Fools pt2


    GOODING; Vast and expansive guitar lines build to an epic finish with with cymbal crashes and drums for extra flair.

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    5. Miracles and Wonders


    GOODING; Tender guitar melodies intertwine with a joyful banjo and bombastic drums to create an uplifting atmosphere.

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    6. Mr. Numbers


    GOODING; Acoustic rhythm guitar and simple tom hits combine with minimalistic electric guitar lines and bells.

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    7. Night Sky


    GOODING; Beautiful finger-picked guitars and echoing kick drums swell to create a vast expansive sound.

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    8. Silver And Gold


    GOODING; Chiming rhythm guitar and echoing melody lines, with subtle percussion for added dramatic effect.

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    9. Sleepytime


    GOODING: Ethereal, echoing guitar and banjo lines create beautiful transcendant melodies with pulsing percussion beneath.

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    10. The Lone Guitar


    GOODING; Hauntingly beautiful solo guitar work, with gentle prayer-like echoing reverb.