KING-134 The Mad Gypsy cover

KING-134 The Mad Gypsy


South American-Style acoustic-heavy songs that are soulful, dark and mysterious.

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    1. Arroyo Seco


    GOODING; Pulsing kick drum with a light shaker leading into powerful acoustic guitar riffs that all swirl around in a sorrowful cocktail that cries “south of the border”.

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    2. Guadalupe


    GOODING; Electronic Cuban beat followed with a bossa nova-style acoustic guitar topped off with a sizzling lead acoustic guitar line.

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    3. San Antone


    GOODING; Giant tribal drums accompanied by lead acoustic guitars and rounded out by a fat bottom growly bass.

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    4. Medina


    GOODING; Dark and Western Spanish-influenced acoustic guitars backed by a subtle beat.

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    5. Eterna


    GOODING; Mournful Brazilian-style acoustic guitars take this track to a whole new level with a fast strumming lead acoustic guitar line.

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    6. Bandera


    GOODING; This one starts off with an upbeat Spanish rhythm that kicks into high gear once the acoustics guitars burst out of the gate.

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    7. Tulum Magic


    GOODING; Big hand drums and shakers accompanied by Spanish-style acoustic guitars with a lead acoustic line soloing over the top.

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    8. The Star Shot Sky


    GOODING; Slow, ambient and ethereal Spanish-style acoustic guitars playing a melancholy, soulful lamentation to the stars.

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    9. A Future Night


    GOODING; Tension building sorrowful Spanish-influenced acoustic guitars with nimble lead lines that fill the ambience surrounding.